M/V RMS Citation

177-foot, 4-point Anchor Utility Vessel with Fully-Integrated Dive-Support System

The RMS Citation is Ideally Suited as a Safe and Securely Anchored Platform for Divers/R.O.V. to Inspect/Repair, Remove or Add Subsea Tie-ins/Valves, Pipelines, Bouys, Conduct Level 1,2,3 Inspections in Up To +- 250 ft Water (depending on bottom conditions)

Our vessel features 90'x30' Clear Deck Space, a 28" Coring Moon Pool, a removable A-frame and a 10-ton hydraulic crane with a retractable 70-foot boom. This vessel provides for a crew of 7 with accomodations for 27 additional passengers, seperate diver/tender rooms and offers a two-desk station with phones and a centalized lounge with Satellite TV on 02 Deck.

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